Many paths. One welcoming and diverse community.

Sundays at UUCOV

Services are held at 10:00am
at our Sanctuary at 1971 Pinebrook Road, unless otherwise noted.

Adult RE at 9:00  in the Asta Linder House, unless otherwise noted.

Social time 11:00 on the lanai in the sanctuary.

You are invited to any combination of activities Sunday morning. We look forward to seeing you!

Worship Services

September 17
Service: “Beachfront For Sale” SERVICE AT MAXINE BARRITT PARK

Rev. Khleber Van Zandt.  SERVICE AT MAXINE BARRITT PARK. As sea levels rise, the poor in many locales are threatened. For the rest of us, the border between solid ground and deep water creeps ever closer.

September 24
Service: "Belief Systems: What Kind of Atheist/Theist Are You?"

Bill Wolfers

October 1
Service: “Room for Mystery”

Rev. Khleber Van Zandt. Many of us fall prey to the belief that we can know all there is to know. Yes, our base of human knowledge expands each day, but it often seems the more we know, the less we understand. Instead of fearing the mystery, perhaps we can celebrate it.

October 8
Service: “Buffalo Run”

Rev. Khleber Van Zandt. Indigenous Peoples Day. At the Battle of Little Big Horn, indigenous Americans stood up to an attacking force of federals. We know a lot about the battle, but it’s still hard to separate fact from fake news.

October 15


October 11
"Sexuality Speaks"

Do you know what a gender fluid biromantic demisexual is? Plan to attend this program which will not only answer that question, but inform about sexual orientation, gender identification, and personal pronouns. It is okay to acknowledge biases and prejudices. Learn steps to overcome them. Program presenter Stephanie Zoernack.

Adult Exploration

September 24, 09:00am
Adult RE: "Supreme Court and Laissez-Faire"

The Supreme Court of the early 20th century embraced Sumner's Darwinian understanding of governmental power.

October 1, 09:00am
Adult RE

To be announced.

October 8, 09:00am
Adult RE

To be announced.

October 15, 09:00am
Adult RE

To be announced.