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Social Justice

scalesofjusticechaliceOur social justice ministry at UUCOV is in the best tradition of Unitarian Universalist history and principles. We support our Seven Principles, nurture our spirits, and help heal the world through:

Social Service: charitable assistance and hands on help to those in need
Social Witness:
publicly addressing justice issues
Social Education:
discussion, study, and reflection about justice issues
Social Action:
organized action to remedy injustice

Our four committees focus on social justice from different perspectives:

Community Outreach: local
Common Good:
local, state, national and international
Green Sanctuary:
gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender

Social Justice News

Cleaning Up Our Sanctuary

EcoEarthThe Green Sanctuary Committee has removed the toxic cleaning materials that were under the sink in the Sanctuary kitchen (the usual suspects: detergents, Ajax powder, Windex, etc.) and replaced them with BASIC H 2. It takes only a few drops of Basic H, a non-toxic and highly effective cleaner, diluted with water to do the job. It not only saves money, but it uses much less packaging, reduces trips to the landfill, and releases far fewer toxins into the environment.
When we look at the incidents of autism, allergies, ADD and asthma, we should remember that many of these can be directly traced to household chemicals; UUCOV is a great place to start to raise our awareness of what we can do to protect ourselves and our planet.

Issues for the Common Good

In Touch-Common Good: Our public Facebook group, hosted by Barbara Buehring, has grown 20% in the last month. If you’re not familiar with it, check it out so you can stay up-to-date on what’s happening and how you can part of the action.

letters1Letter writing: The lazy summertime is a good time to become part of the letter-writing group, Get ‘what’s and ‘how’s by sending an email to   saying you’re interested and would like some guidelines to get started.

Petition drives: Everything you need to know to help with (either of) the 2 important petition drives (one countywide (Single-member districts), onepetitions1 statewide (Voting Restoration Amendment) can be learned from whoever is manning the Social Justice table on the lanai each Sunday. Just stop by, get informed, and “Take Five.”

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