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Family Promise

Family PromiseFamily Promise of South Sarasota County helps homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response. UUCOV hosts these families for eight weeks a year at our Aster Linder House. Our Congregation members provide food and staff the house when families are in residence. We do simple but immeasurably important things. We talk to guests. We listen to them. We treat them with respect. Volunteers are often a source of hope, when hope is lost.

Family Promise News

Structural Changes

Recognizing the importance of the Family Promise effort and the large time commitment required of so many congregants, the Family Promise team will no longer be part of Community Outreach but will report directly to the Social Justice Team Leader (currently, Marty King). This change should make Paul and Cindy O’Dell’s job a little easier.

After many years as Social Justice Team Leader, then as Chair of Community Outreach, Trudy Jacoby is stepping down. Most sincere thanks to Trudy for her commitment, knowledge, and contribution to the good of our community and our congregation. Eileen and Steve Leapley have agreed to take on this job, and they will be terrific.

And More Requests...

FamilyPromiseA typical week of hosting requires 350 hours of volunteers and many of you contribute in various ways, but there are 35 to 40 volunteers who go above the call of duty; they are among the first to volunteer and volunteer most every time to Family Promise needs. As we seldom have enough volunteers to cover the full week, they cover multiple shifts in the hosting week. (Plus, some buy interview clothes for guests, clothes for families when they have been kicked out of wherever, shop for staples, baby food, breakfast food; volunteer as office angels for SSCFP; and whatever else is vital to keeping the program afloat.).
Our next hosting of families, joined by VUCC and St. Mark’s Episcopal, will be from December 24th -January 7th. The Day Center where families do laundry and use the computer for job searches will be closed for 6 of the 14 days we host. Consequently, we will need extra volunteers for these 2 weeks, extra day shifts to cover as the families are limited in where they can go and relax. We will have the SSCFP van to drive and will be able to take them to the Day Care, and this, too, requires extra volunteers. Want to help and make a difference? Please call Cindy O’Dell - 317-370-6705