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We Did It!

FamilyPromiseThank you for your outstanding support of the Family Promise Program. Your generosity in supporting the “Dream Walk” for Family Promise of South Sarasota County (FPSSC) is bountiful. We, UUCOV and VUCC, raised over $11,000 (of the total over $55,000) on the November 11th Dream Walk. WOW!!!
VUCC, St. Mark’s Episcopal, and UUCOV host our next families from December 24 to January 7 , which you know includes holidays. We will have the FPSSC van to drive them to the Day Center where families can relax and do laundry and use the playground and the computer, so we will need drivers; additionally, we need extra volunteers for day shifts because the Day Center will be closed for 6 of the 14 days.
Currently, there is 1 family in this host period, a single mother with 4 children, 3 boys and a girl, all under the age of 8. She has no car and a mountain to climb to escape her homelessness. And here is where we help, and you can help, by giving her hope and a hand up.
A typical family will be in the program for 60 or so days before FPSSC has found them an affordable home, helped them save their money, taught them some necessary life skills and put hope back into their lives. It can be exhausting work, but there will be joy in your heart knowing you made a real difference in the life of a person who needed a hand up.
Want to help and make a difference? Please call Cindy O’Dell 317-370- 6705.