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Common Good

Activism in Small Ways

The winter edition of the UU World has excellent articles on activism and religious identity. Good news: you can care about social justice without marching in the streets. You can take small steps that can make a difference from the comfort of your own home. As in all your efforts of giving, you only do what feels good to you.
Here are three opportunities:
1) If caring about social justice is part of your faith identity, just sign our list “Help Change History” at the Social Justice table to be aware of the possibilities. You can see what others are doing and be involved only if and when you have time and interest.
2) If you want to see what UUs are talking about in Florida on social justice issues, or want to participate in the conversations, or learn small ways to help on a variety of issues, join two public Facebook groups started by UUs in UUCOV and statewide:  and
3) And if you are already mobilized, know voting rights are important to you, and can take petitions for the Voting Restoration Amendment to ask friends to fill out, then bring back to us, please do!
To put this on the ballot in 2018 , we must – by December 31 - have one million petitions in the Supervisor of Elections offices statewide. Our deadline to mail them is December 12. If UUs can help achieve this goal, we can truly change history in Florida. See the 6-minute Samantha Bee video at for why this is important.