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Minister's Corner

News Around the Office

MinisterscornerAprilIt does not come as news that Nan Kritzler has been a godsend to this congregation.

For many years, she has been the go-to person for so many things: if someone wants to know about history, “Ask Nan.” How do we get pamphlets printed? “Let’s ask Nan.” How much is left in our team’s budget line? “Nan can tell us.” How can I get my event on the church calendar? “Better call Nan. She’ll help you.”

Nan has been indispensable to the smooth functioning of the office and indeed the whole congregational operation. But that’s about to change and change seriously.

Nan is leaving.

Well, okay, not leaving altogether. But she’s changing her place on staff, leaving the Office Manager position which she has helped make central to our organization, and moving instead into a purely bookkeeping role. And this means big, big changes in the way our office functions.

As sorry as I am to announce Nan’s reduced role, I am proud to announce the hiring of Salli Clarke, not as Nan’s replacement - something that would be nigh impossible - but as our new Office Manager in a newly reorganized role.

Salli comes to us after a long career as a Visiting Nurse, a manager of visiting nurses, and an administrative assistant and office manager in for-profit and non-profit enterprises. Her education credentials include an MS in Nursing from Yale, and her church experience includes membership at the UU Fellowship of Charlotte County.

For Salli to do her new job, changes will need to take place. We’ve had several volunteers cover for Nan when she’s needed to take vacations or personal time. I hope we can continue to cover some of the functions of the office like receptionist duties with a small cadre of volunteers. If you’re looking for something interesting to do one day a week or so, please let me or Nan or Salli know.

Change can be difficult. With all the changes coming to the office, there’s no doubt some small things will fall between the cracks. And I would predict that some big things will fail as well. We’ll need to be patient with one another as we learn some new ways of doing things.

But on the other side of the changes, Nan will finally have a chance to recharge her batteries, we’ll get to know Salli a little better, and life will return to normal.

A new normal, for sure. But then I’ve always considered normal to be more or less overrated.

See you in church,