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President's Monthly Message

From the President

First let me wish you all a Happy New Year. May it bring enjoyment, good health, and improvement to those issues that concern us the most.
Well, things at UUCOV are bubbling……
Our search committee to staff our music program is off and running with lots of enthusiasm under the leadership of Bill Harrison.
The by-law review committee, under the capable direction of Barb Smith, is charging ahead.
The nominating committee is working* to present us with names to staff the Board of Trustees for 2018-2019, plus two members to succeed them on next year’s nominating committee. Bev Morrison has taken the reins and will bring us a great slate.
The auction team has begun its first task; donations are being solicited, and we’ll soon have another great list of choices for our enjoyment.LyonDave150
The finance group is very busy working on next year’s budget. This is always difficult as our wishes exceed our revenue.
The stewardship committee is diligently preparing the upcoming appeal. With the stock market at record highs, we’re hoping for a commensurate generosity.
The caring team has initiated neighborhood parties and several have occurred and more will follow. What a great idea to gather with neighbors and realize how many UUCOV members are in your neighborhood and how we can support each other.
I want to announce a change. Starting on Thursday, January 11, 2018 your Board of Trustees will meet in the sanctuary. We feel it is a much more welcoming space than the back room in Waters Hall. Please come and see how the business of the church is handled. All in attendance will be given the opportunity to address the board.
Dave Lyon, President

*see below, Request for Help

From the President

As your Board of Trustees begins to oversee the work of building a stronger music program for the future of UUCOV, it is important for us to share our ideas and vision. We feel it is important that UUCOV have a vibrant music program and so we want to hire a talented musician who:
           -Can direct our talented choir and attract congregants to enhance the quality and size of the choir.
          - Has an ability with a wide range of musical styles from traditional to contemporary, from classical to the Beatles to
           Tin Pan Alley.
           -Will utilize the many musically talented members of our Congregation in varied roles in the music program.
           -Is willing to bring in musicians from the broader community to enhance our Sunday morning musical experience.
           -Would have fun sharing their own talents to enhance the theme of the service.
These are our thoughts. We encourage all who are interested in our music program to share their dreams and aspirations as we move forward. Your vision for an expanded music program is important and necessary. We pledge to keep you informed as we move down this path.