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President's Monthly Message

From the President

To our Northern friends,
As I write this, Charyl and I have been here in Venice, no longer snowbirds, for 2 ½ weeks. In the past, back in Indiana, I kind of figured everything hereLyonDave150 slowed down to a snail’s pace in the summer and everyone was visiting out of state or hunkered down at home in the air conditioning. In other words: nothing much happened here.
Was I ever wrong!  I arrive to find Waters Hall has a totally new look. Salli Clarke has moved into a slick professional office across from Khleber (it looks great), the ‘old’ office has become a small meeting room, and the ‘living room’ is completely closed off with French doors to give privacy and noise protection to what’s happening inside. I attend a Sunday Morning Experience Team meeting and Lori, Khleber, and supporting cast have all the visiting guest speaker slots filled for this calendar year and Lori is working on 2018. I sit in with the Social Activities Team meeting and Catherine and crew have events planned for the whole year! I get to hear the 3rd of a very interesting 4-series presentation by The Venice Historical Society UUCOV on the history of the Venice area. I learn about the town of Woodmere that existed from 1910 to 1927; a large sawmill was the central focus of this community of nearly 600 that was located from the dome, thru Circlewood, and approached where Walmart is located. Each Thursday evening, we visit Japan and learn more about their history and traditions via a video lecture led by Charlotte Neagle.
These are the things I actually attended; more was happening: fellowship groups, Book Club, Common Good meeting, a new program called “Lunch and Learn.” And Sunday’s service was attended by 110 people!  I wanted you northerners to know this.
To Everybody,
One of the responsibilities of your Board of Trustees is to recognize the needs of our congregation.Our congregation is actively growing so there are more of us; we are an older congregation and at any time we have people hospitalized, ill at home, and under hospice care; we have congregants serving as caretakers. We on the Board, acutely aware of the personal and pastoral needs of our growing congregation, have been deliberating the need for additional help so that we have a trained and known minister available to our congregation at all times. This would mean additional hours of pastoral care from a part time minister when our minister is away or committed to other tasks, a not uncommon solution in churches of our size. We welcome your feedback on this option as we continue to consider such an addition. Further information will be shared as this possible expanded pastoral option unfolds.
Jonathan Greenstein, our YRE Assistant, has written a lovely letter to me and the Board; check it out in Letters to the Editor (below).
Dave Lyon, President