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Committee News

Below lists the most recent committee news as published in the Connection. To view news by category, choose the appropriate council link to the left.  Each council page provides a description of what that council covers and lists published articles for that council.

Lifespan Education and Social Justice news is not included. For those items, go to their webpages by clicking on the menu above.

Interested in Joining the Choir?

choir-clipartChoir rehearsals meet every Thursday 7:30 - 9:00 pm Sept - May. If you would like to join the choir or have other musical talents you would like to share, contact our Minister, Rev. Khleber Van Zandt, at .  

UUCOV Groundbreaking Ceremony March 4, 2002

Thanks to Bill Huston's filming and his grandson, Matt Marposon, for digitalizing and editing you can now view the ceremony of the historic groundbreaking ceremony of UUCOV's own Sanctuary. You can view it at the Vimeo website at

Member Directory

bookWe are pleased to announce that our Member Directory is now available online, accessible only by UUCOV members and pledging friends. You should have received an email with instructions how to log on. If you can't find the directions or if you need further help, contact Nan, or 941-485-2105 .

Now Available: Report on Senior Living Alternatives

Copies of the final report of the UUCOV members' visits to Senior Living Facilities in the Venice area (and a file of brochures and flyers about the facilities) is now available in Waters Hall. Included are summary descriptions of each facility and an aggregated evaluation sheet prepared by members. Lynn Stelle notes that the report does not recommend one facility over another, but, she says, "we are hoping it will help readers decide which facilities they personally might wish to visit and look at further. For an electronic copy of the report, please contact Lynn at 919.219.7497 or .

Memorial Gifts

The Memorial Gift Committee receives and acknowledges contributions made to UUCOV in memory of a deceased. You'll find gift forms on the lanai, at the UUCOV office, or by calling Theresa Hake at 941-480-1401.  On receiving a donation and this form, a note of appreciation is sent to the donor, acknowledging the amount and date of the gift. Memorial gifts which are for a restricted or special purpose, or which are of real property or other non-monetary nature, will first be referred to the Board of Directors for disposition. After acceptance by the Board of a restricted gift or property a letter of appreciation will be sent to the donor.

Viewing the UUCOV Memorial Book

A committee was created in 2005 to develop policies relating to memorials for UUCOV members and friends. One suggestion was a Memorial Book, and it was eagerly embraced by all members. It was determined that the Memorial Book would be a leather-bound book with pages designed by an artist skilled in illumination type design with room for some brief biographical notes. This seemed a fitting way to memorialize our members, and it would provide a wonderful source for personal information and history for the church as well as for individual descendents. The Memorial Book of tributes to deceased members and friends of UUCOV was introduced to the congregation at the end of January, 2008.

Marilyn Amick was chosen as the artist for the Memorial Book. Laura Marcusa will also be creating pages. A stand with a locked drawer was designed and built by members of the congregation in order to house the book. The Board voted to pay the costs for the pages. If members still want to make a financial remembrance, they can make donations in the memory of the deceased to UUCOV.

If you wish to remember a deceased member or contribute information on a deceased member or friend of the congregation's page, contact Marilyn Amick or Laura Marcusa and they will take you through the process.

The Memorial Book is always available before or after Sunday service on its designated stand at the right side of the stage. Additional appointments to view it may be made at the discretion of the President of the Congregation. You can also view the pages below.

Memorial Book