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The Communications Council is comprised of the Communications Team and the UCOV Radio Group. Our purpose is to provide information, news and programming about UUCOV and the Unitarian Universalist denomination to our congregation and our community at large.

The Communications Committee is in charge of internal publications - Connection and UUCOV Happenings, our website, our Facebook page, press releases and paid advertising. If there is an upcoming UUCOV event you need publicized please download and fill out the form below and return it to Leie Carmody.

Communications Event Form (pdf)

The UUCOV Radio Group has created an internet radio station. Their mission statement: UUCOVRadio is an internet radio station which exists to broadcast programs and services embodying the seven principles of UUCOV and the Unitarian Universalist Association to the larger community. In addition to spreading the message of Unitarian Universalism, UUCOVRadio seeks to promote the arts and to focus on the needs and challenges of the local community. The UUCOV Radio site is located at

If you are interested in spreading the word about our congregation and our faith to the wider community, come join us! 

Communications News

Tip of the Hat

tip of the hatTip of the Hat is a new column that provides a place for each of us to express recognition of or thanks to others in the congregation. You might ‘tip your hat’ to a group, a team, or an individual. If you have a submission for this column please email it to the editor, Leie Carmody, with “tip of the hat” in the subject line. Your message should include who is being recognized or thanked.
To the members of UUCOV: I would like to thank the members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Venice for the donations to the needy students of our school. Each year they provide students with supplies to start the school year off on the right foot. Thank you for being such great neighbors and helping our students achieve their academic dreams. Jason Hunter, Island Venice Montessori School, Venice campus principal.
To the ARE Team and the Social Justice Team: Thank you for keeping us informed and relevant. Every summer the NY Times does an article about the books that the nation's colleges and universities are recommending for summer reads, indicative of what our educational institutions deem important and what some of the younger generation is reading. I was delighted to see several of our UUCOV reads from last year listed in the article - "Just Mercy", "Hillbilly Elegy", and "Evicted". - Linda Underwood
To Kindra Muntz: Her energy to make our community a better place is extraordinary. From afar, all summer, she keeps track of what our county and state legislators and commissioners are doing and calls on us to write, march, picket, and call. Linda Underwood
To Linda Engle, for Chairing the summer meetings of the Common Good Committee, and to Leie Carmody, Francie Storey, Peggy Drogosch, Barbara Buehring, Becky Leas, Marty King: All you Common Good volunteers who staffed the Social Justice table, gathered petitions for Single Member Districts and the Voting Restoration Amendment, kept our Public Facebook group dynamic and growing, and all our Common Good efforts humming all summer, you are the greatest! - Kindra Muntz

Do it now!

FeatherPenJohn Spitzer, Chair of Legacy Friends, notes that the stock market has been strong – the Dow index recorded over 50 record highs during the past 9 months, and the index broke through the 22,000 level in early August. He suggests providing your intended long-term support to UUCOV now, by donating some of your appreciated stock to the Endowment Fund.
He points out that, if you ‘wait’, you risk that the markets will be lower at the time your estate settles. If you sell the stocks to avoid that risk, the gains are subject to capital gains taxes. But, if you donate the stocks to the UUCOV Endowment Fund now, you pay no capital gains taxes, the endowment (as a tax-exempt entity) receives the full market value of the stocks, and the value of your donation then grows as part of the endowment.
If you have questions about Legacy Friends or wish to obtain information about planned giving, please contact John Spitzer at 319- 331-5914 or email .

Another GA Participant Speaks Up

Linda Van Zandt
Ministry Days start on the Monday before GA starts on Wednesday afternoon and evening. Khleber and I try to attend the smaller, more intimate Ministry Days before the bigger, more complicated days that are GA. Ministers have two and a half days of meetings, workshops, worship services, etc. The Unitarian Universalist Ministers’ Partners/Spouses (UUMPS) also meet. The UUMPS have two scheduled get-togethers to renew connections aGA 2017 NOLAnd make new connections.
This year, for the first time, the UUMPS had a table set up during registration allowing us some recognition of our status, separate from our partners/spouses. Next year, I have volunteered to be the logistics chair of the UUMPS meeting at Ministry Days. I look forward to setting up meetings at GA as well. We have met informally at GA in the past, but next year it is one of my goals to have a meeting space of our own and maybe even some programming. It is all about the connections we can make, at GA and everywhere.

The Librarian Speaks

If you have a copy of "Evicted," please return it to the welcome table or to Ruth Boysworth, 941-218-4754 .EvictedApril

Aah, have a seat!

benchWith appreciation of all UUCOVers who made donations and the secret donor who matched their offerings, we’ll soon have three new benches for our outdoor comfort. The patio is complete.

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