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Adult Exploration

Adult Exploration programs include Sunday Forums; classes to educate, open new horizons, and enrich your spiritual journey; monthly discussion groups on various topics; and more. Any programs that offer the opportunity for development of a personal philosophy to live by will encourage open dialogue on questions of beliefs and spiritual practice.

Adult Exploration News

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Recycling, But Were Afraid to Ask

recycle earth insideDo you wonder what happens to the garbage and recyclable materials you put at your curb and what makes something recyclable? What are the key concerns and actions impacting recycling at the national level?
Join us on Monday, November 13th, 1-2:30pm, in the sanctuary for a presentation by Tom Franklin, Sarasota County Recycling Program Coordinator and our own Fran McPoland, VP of the Paper and Recycling Coalition based in Washington, DC.

The Power of Myth

Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth

UUCOV and VICA (Venice Interfaith Community Association) continue this Wednesday evening series, 7-9pm, in which Joseph Campbell and Bill Moyers discuss “Power of Myth”; this is one of the most highly regarded series in the history of public television,
November 1 The First Storytellers: All of our culture's rituals have their roots in the myths of ancient hunters, who told stories and acted out rites to bring their lives into harmony with nature.
November 8 Love and the Goddess: From kama to agape to courtly romance, Campbell explores the mythology of love and the role of the female as the giver of life and form.
November 15 Masks of Eternity: All cultures create "masks" - names and images for God - to serve as metaphors for inexpressible transcendence, the being beyond all being and the idea beyond all thought.

Trans Remembrance Month

transgender flagsFor 25 years, Unitarian Universalists have worked hard to make sure lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people are full members of our faith communities. This November we honor Trans Remembrance Month; see the details (below) in the Social Justice section.


Aston Gardens hosts a monthly UUCOV Adult Education Program; DRE Jaye Williams will lead the Tuesday, Nov. 28th discussion, 10-11am. UUCOVersagwdsl final vert and friends are welcome to join the sessions; they are held in the Ballroom, 1000 Aston Gardens Drive, Venice.

Faith Like a River

faith like a riverBonnie Norton moderates this program in Asta Linder on Fridays 1-2:30pm through November (and 1st Friday in December). You’ll explore the dynamic course of Unitarian, Universalist, and Unitarian Universalist history—the people, ideas, and movements that have shaped our faith heritage, an exploration of our social justice roots. You need not attend all sessions.
November 3: Ripples in the Water - The Evangelists
We may not think of ourselves as an evangelical faith, but many over the years have worked to intentionally spread the good news of Unitarian and Universalist thought. This session looks at individuals and groups in our faith history that helped our movement to grow.
November 10: Shall We Gather at The River? Religious Tolerance
Religious tolerance is one of the greatest values of our movement. Perhaps our faith embraces it passionately because our religious forebears were so often subjected to intolerance.This session explores tolerance of diverse beliefs, both in the civic realms that held our faith forebears and within our faith tradition itself.
November 17: The Seven Seas-Globalization
Unitarian Universalism has enjoyed contact and engagement with people from many religions and cultures through much of its history. This session presents representative stories of different ways people in our religious tradition have related to other religious traditions and cultures.
November 24 No presentation