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Adult Exploration

Adult Exploration programs include Sunday Forums; classes to educate, open new horizons, and enrich your spiritual journey; monthly discussion groups on various topics; and more. Any programs that offer the opportunity for development of a personal philosophy to live by will encourage open dialogue on questions of beliefs and spiritual practice.

Adult Exploration News

Message from our Director of Religious Education

On the Edge
Making plans for another ‘season’ of ARE I can't help but hope that the programs we offer will inform, heal, motivate, and stretch participants. If I'm goingWilliamsJaye250 to be honest, I also want very much for those unfamiliar with UUCOV to find something in our programs that brings them to our campus.
At the July Lunch and Learn an option in our Risky Business questions sheet began with, "Have you fallen into more "vanilla pudding" than you thought you would?". "Lose the edge and you're dribbling along in the uncooked vanilla pudding of life"- Lisa Martinovic
Beware the following thoughts that might keep you in the "pudding"
• The subject is uninteresting, boring
• I don't agree with the message
• It's a difficult subject
• I don't like the emotion laden words associated with the program
• We covered that topic years ago
As our programming really ramps up, beginning in October, I invite you to stay out of the pudding and reach for the edge: challenge yourself, choose something different, invite a friend, listen reverently, and share openly.

Reminder: Transportation and Child Care

If you need transportation to any of our Lifespan Education programs or are needing child care, contact DRE Jaye Williams (in advance), unless an alternate person to be contacted is listed in the program details.


Aston Gardens hosts a monthly UUCOV Adult Education Program; DRE Jaye Williams will lead the Tuesday, September 26th discussion, 10-11am, about our Seventh Principle: ‘Respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.’
UUCOVers and friends are welcome to join the Aston Gardens Monthly ARE Program; sessions are held in the Ballroom, 1000 Aston Gardens Drive, Venice. If you wish to attend a meeting, an RSVP is necessary; call Aston Gardens, 941-240-1000, to let them know you’ll be there.

Last of the Lecture Series

TheBetty Intagliata Lecture Series Logo lecture series about local South County history, co-sponsored by the Historical Society, the Bill Jervey Charitable Foundation, and UUCOV, concludes on September 12th with a program on “History of the African-American Community of Laurel”. The discussion will be led by a panel of local African-American leaders and Sarasota County historians; panelists include Betty Intagliata, James C. Sims Jr., Sandra Sims Terry, and Lorrie Muldowney. This program, free and open to the public, will be held in the sanctuary from 1:30-3pm.

Lunch & Learn

Come to Asta Linder on Thursday, September 21st, 11:30-1:30pm, for our last Lunch and Learn of the season. Remember, bring a brown bag lunch; Lunch LearnUUCOV provides the drinks and a sweet treat. Our guest speaker will be Louise Bruderle who in 1989 helped launch a monthly publication, West Coast Woman, reaching Sarasota and Manatee Counties, with the unique feature of profiling women making a difference in our community. Louise purchased the publication in 1993 and over 475 women have been profiled.

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